Car Donation for a Family of 5 with an Autistic 9-year-old daughter diagnosed with a Brain Tumor - St. Gallen, Switzerland

This car will serve both, as transportation to take the 9-year-old daughter to her hospital visits and also as a safe haven for the whole family.

Little S. was a normal child with a typical development until she was 14 months old. Then, she began to vomit frequently, an upset stomach, food poisoning and/or an intolerance to milk powder were first assumed.
Shortly after, her first very violent epileptic seizure: Cerebral hypertension was diagnosed due to a brain tumor.

In the 6 years from October 2014 to November 2020, S. endured 30 brain surgeries! All these operations ultimately had the consequence that S.’s development was over and over again severely disrupted, so much, that today she is on the mental level of a 2–3-year-old girl.

Due to her autism, there are now several complicated and difficult problems to manage. For example, S. has been fed with a PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) tube for 7 years and she has loud and continuous screaming attacks several times during the day.

This very long suffering of S. naturally burdens the whole family and impacts especially her 2 younger siblings. Without a car, the family is always careful not to disturb others in public, because of the disability of their daughter. This car should have 5 doors and 7 seats, so that the whole family and S. in the buggy, as well as a nurse can all fit inside.

The car would enable trips for the whole family to and from the hospital and would not only be a great relief, but also in addition a shelter to scream, cry, sing, laugh and discover new & different things. This would serve as a huge compensation for all the incredible strains the family is enduring.

Together, let’s give this family their own mobile transportable safe haven!

Thank you so much, every amount counts!

Goal reached - Project closed
CHF 16,000 100%
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