Cura is the Latin word for “Care”, which defines the mission of Cura Children’s Foundation and is our guiding principle. Launched in July 2020 by us, Cura Children’s Foundation provides comprehensive support to children and families in need in Switzerland. For many years, both of us have been involved in helping underprivileged children and families which is what inspired us to do more by creating this foundation.

Each case is carefully reviewed and chosen at our NGO’s main office in Switzerland. We only pursue projects where the support of our donors is visible and highly beneficial. We are aiming for 3 individual projects per year. About every four months, we upload a new project for donations.

We provide the utmost personal attention and supervision to each project. We meet personally with the people we collaborate with, providing support throughout every step of the process. Each project is specific, well-targeted and highly efficient, with immediate assistance given to those in need.

All donations are solely used to directly fund the Cura Children’s Foundation’s projects, as our overheads are entirely financed personally by each of us.

We hope you’ll join us to help make the world a more caring, safer and better place for children and their families in Switzerland.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Carina Jones & Caroline Lo Faro


After graduating from University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, and after many years of working in the fashion industry, Carina took a one-year sabbatical in 1994 to volunteer with the Los Angeles Youth Network in a shelter on Hollywood Boulevard.
In 2003 she moved to Switzerland and became the mother of two.
She retired from her fashion career and then volunteered as the Vice President for the NGO Innocence in Danger (IID) Switzerland for 10 years.
That’s where she met Caroline & Steffi and they worked together at IID for the next five years. After this, Carina lived with her husband and her two children in Bali for five years and worked with several charities there.
Throughout the years, she has witnessed the deep and significant impact one person can have to improve the life of someone in need, and upon her return from Bali she is now leveraging those experiences through her work at Cura Children’s Foundation


After working in the fashion industry for over 20 years, Caroline turned her focus to working for people in need with small projects like volunteering at The Soup Kitchen in New York, and helping to build a library for the Association to Benefit Children (ABC) in Harlem, an organization that she continues to support today. Caroline then expanded her volunteer work to Switzerland, where she met Carina & Steffi, working alongside her for five years for the defence and protection of children at the Innocence in Danger (IID) organisation.
She found this experience to be very humbling, and it proved to be a catalyst for her desire to do more.
As a mother of two, Caroline believes that children are our future and hopes that the work of the Cura Children’s Foundation will be carried on through her own children.



As a World Champion and double Olympic participant in alpine snowboarding, and as an ambassador of the Cleven Foundation, Steffi brings passion and expertise to the Cura Children’s Foundation.
After dedicating 10 years of her life as a summer camp organiser for Innocent In Danger (IID) in Gstaad, with Carina and Caroline, she is now focusing on philanthropic efforts whose mission is to help underprivileged children. Steffi is a dedicated mother of 2 wonderful children, a professional personal trainer and deeply involved in her community.


Following a diploma in Physical Education from the University of Lausanne and three years of teaching, Hertha changed directions in her professional career.
She then worked in an advertising agency and two direct marketing companies before moving to the financial communication world. 

After over twenty years of experience in private banking corporate communication in Geneva, she moved to Zurich where she leads the branch of Voxia communication focusing on media relations.
She has a federal diploma as a specialist in Public Relations and followed a Management and Communication course at the University of St Gallen.
She involves herself in the empowerment of women and she would like to use her professional experience to serve Cura Children’s foundation goals to help children and their families in need in Switzerland.

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