Youth Emergency Shelter Nemo – Zürich, Switzerland

Safe Temporary Shelter, Meals and Life-Skills Guidance for young adults age 16-23 who are currently living on the street

Nemo is the only youth shelter in Switzerland. The Nemo emergency shelter offers young people who currently live on the street or have no home shelter, protection and security. Admission to Nemo is intended to give young people the chance to recover from exhausting life on the streets, to gather strength and to improve their health and social situation. In addition to accommodation, young people can also take advantage of social counselling services which helps them to find suitable follow-up solutions.

At Nemo, young people in difficult life circumstances are accepted and their self-esteem is strengthened. The dormitory offers 10 places and is open 365 nights a year. By partnering with Nemo, we will help young people succeed in entering a hopeful and responsible adult life and do not get caught in a fatal downward spiral. Nemo offered 1632 overnights in 2019.

We would like to help Nemo in raising money for:

Overnight packages: Safe accommodation, dinner, breakfast, laundry and shower (hygiene articles and clothing to be distributed). As well as social work guidance-support for a suitable solution after shelter, help find job placement and pastoral talk if desired.

Gift Amount # of Overnight Packages
CHF 175 1 Night Accomodation and Support
CHF 3502 Nights Accomodation and Support
CHF 5253 Nights Accomodation and Support
CHF 825 5 Nights Accomodation and Support
CHF 1’225 1 Week Accomodation and Support
CHF 10-100   Amenities (Shampoo, Toothbrush etc)

Thank you so much, every amount counts!


CHF 20,000.00


CHF 20,000.00


CHF 0.00



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